Ayat Karima


What Ayat e Karima and Its benefits

It is a simple prayer to Allah. We bear witness to Allah’s unity and praise for Him. We humble ourselves and repent for our wrongdoings and sins. In the second part, As a result of Allah’s blessings, it relieves our (any) pains and sufferings.

The best prayer for every need

Hazrat Shah Waliullah (may Allah have mercy on him) says that for a person who recites the Holy Qur’an two hundred times at the time of Tahajjud or Isha, Allah will surely fulfill his need. A Hindu dignitary used to read it in the same way at night.
It’s a rare prayer for illness healing.
According to Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), a believer who recites the Holy Qur’an forty times while ill and dies while ill will be regarded as a martyr by Allah, and if he recovers, Allah will forgive all his sins. Women can do this on their menstrual days if they want to.

A maximum number of times we can recite?

How many times should you read?
Ayat e Karima recites 100 or 313 times.
khatam Ayat e Karima ka  is the name given to a group of people who recite the verse 125,000 times in a row.

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